1. When She Microdoses Part II - IRX-007
    The Lone Flanger

  2. Dungeon Trax Volume I - IRX-006
    MIDI Master

  3. My Medicine

  4. Acid Series Vol 1 [IT 38]
    Jasen Loveland

  5. Acid Series Vol 5 [IT 43]

  6. The Photon's Path - IRX005
    The Lone Flanger

  7. Be Me - IRX004
    The Lone Flanger

  8. The Solid State - IRX003

  9. Beyond Hypermodified - IRX002
    Serenace vs. The Lone Flanger

  10. Showdown At Proxima Centauri - IRX001
    Abby Echiverri vs. The Lone Flanger

  11. Before We Were Human - IRX000
    The Lone Flanger

  12. Let Me Hypnotize U - IRXSS-007
    Jasen Loveland

  13. Interstellar Smartbombs EP - L&F-011
    Jasen Loveland

  14. Suddenly Singles Club - MIDI Master - IRXSS-006

  15. Suddenly Singles Club - Jasen Loveland - IRXSS-005

  16. Suddenly Singles Club: Timeline Of The Far Future - IRXSS-004
    Timeline Of The Far Future

  17. Suddenly Singles Club: Remote Perception - IRXSS-003
    Remote Perception

  18. Suddenly Singles Club: MIDI Master - IRXSS-002
    MIDI Master

  19. Suddenly Singles Club: Remote Intelligence - IRXSS-001
    Remote Intelligence

  20. Orion's Tears - IRXSS-000
    The Lone Flanger

  21. Purple Flange EP - L&F-010
    The Lone Flanger

  22. Weekend At Bergie's - L&F-009
    The Limit

  23. Booming, Uncompromising Warehouse Anthems - TIP! - L&F-008
    The Limit

  24. Excavation One - L&F-007
    Unexploded Ordnance

  25. The Bionic Dub/When We Kicked It - L&F-006
    Ace Of Fades

  26. The Scum Grooves Vol. 1 - L&F-005
    Acid Musik Department

  27. Understanding The Fundamentals of Quantum Computing: An Introduction EP - L&F-004
    DJ Kline

  28. Suburban Machines Vol. 1 - L&FLP-001
    Chip Curtis

  29. MIDI Master - PRINT001
    MIDI Master

  30. The Choice Is Yours EP - L&F-003
    The Choice

  31. E202-E303 (Sueño Ácido) SINGLE - L&F-002


INFINITE REFRACTIONS: Jasen Loveland & Friends Berlin, Germany

Limited only by our imaginations, INFINITE REFRACTIONS seeks to move beyond the traditional models (record label, collective, etc.) and embrace the unfiltered totality of the artistic multiplicity represented by THE ARTISTS as they search for kaotic harmony.

Dedicated to the memory of Jasen Loveland, 1951-2018. RIP.
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